Saturday 16 March 2013

Pagoda paradise

Our second day in Bagan and after a refreshing nights sleep in a bed we hired bikes again and set off today with a sort of a plan.
We were trying to find the Shwesandaw Pagoda as it is the most visited pagoda, particularly at sunset. All of the reviews on TripAdvisor say that watching the sunset there is fantastic but way too busy, so we did a recce in the morning.
It has unbelievably steep and high steps that rise up to about five different stories, so we clambered to the top and slowly worked our way down, stopping off at each level.
The 360 degree view was completely stunning, we could see pagodas and temples for miles in every direction, and the Irrawaddy river snaking away in the distance.
We also wandered into other pagodas at random and at a completely deserted pagoda Darren met the caretaker who unlocked a door to a tiny staircase that took us up on to the roof.
He told us to come back for the sunset as it is much quieter, so we are resting at the hotel out of the heat and will give it a go later.
Ps, I am wearing some luminous barbie pink nail varnish and all of the young girls who sell postcards, water and lacquer boxes love it. I am thinking of taking it out with me tonight to paint a few nails.

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