Thursday 14 March 2013

Bustling Yangon

I don't really know what I expected Myanmar to be like, but I didn't expect it to be as lively and as cheerful as it is.
We are wandering around the streets and markets today and are catching an overnight bus later up north.
The streets are really colourful with beautiful buildings that are decaying slightly but often painted in bright pastel colours.
There are satellite dishes everywhere and lots of ropes hanging on to the street from individual apartments. These have either a basket, a plastic bag or a bulldog clip attached so that the occupants can buy things from the street without having to bother going up and down the stairs.
The markets are full of interesting fruit and veg, lots of fried snacks, dodgy looking bits of cooked animals and mangles to crush sugar cane.
There is a massive covered market where I bought a new skirt. The shop keepers tried to get Darren to try wearing a longhi, which is a long skirt that most of the local men wear, but unfortunately he is not that adventurous.

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