Friday 15 March 2013

Young monks at the Bagan pagodas

It was quite hard work cycling as the ground is very dry and sandy so our wheels kept sinking.
We were making slow progress along a little path when up ahead we saw these tiny monks walking along in single file with their bowls held out of in front of them.
I stopped my bike and tried to get a picture but they saw me and all stopped and stood to attention for the photo.
As soon as I had taken it they smiled and waved, got back in line and carried on again with their walk.


  1. Looks like they were told they had to walk in order of their height.

    Cycling on sand means you are getting more excercise, so it's good for you!

  2. Very observant! I have read on Wikitravel that the oldest monk looks after the others and they walk in age and height order. There are also monkettes who wear pink robes and shave their heads but are much less common. I saw one a few days ago but thought she must be a girly looking boy in a different robe, but now we know.
    Just time trialled back from our travels on our bikes today as someone on the Internet has already marked out a cycling route and they did it faster than us yesterday, so we are getting ready for the record later - or Darren is anyway.