Wednesday 6 March 2013

Thoughts of Nottingham

Sat in a restaurant in a massive shopping mall in KL having lunch today.
We were watching Nottingham Forest play Sheffield Wednesday on the large screen tv with the sound turned down. Music was playing loudly and the theme tune from the Robin Hood film starring Kevin Costner came on.
I was so pleased and proud that Nottingham is famous the world over. I wanted to stand on my chair and tell everyone what a fantastic city we come from.
However, KL is pretty good too and very different to Nottingham. It is about 36 centigrade today,although it is really cool in all of the malls due to the excellent air conditioning. Sorry I look so sweaty in my photo, I have copied what a lot of the newspapers do and used a 'stock' picture of myself. I was actually intending to use a photo I took of the television but it looked really stupid.
There is also a fantastic raised walkway that is air conditioned and takes you straight from the Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang to the Petronas Towers so you don't even need to get out in to the heat at all if you don't want to. See pic of Darren.
We, however, had to march all the way across town back to the Burmese Embassy, but it's good news as we have our visas. Probably walked about 15 kilometres today so have my feet up now.


  1. I assumed it was just a healthy glow at the thought of the spicy food you were about to eat. Glad to hear you got your visas sorted out ok.

  2. New shirt Darren? Looks nice :-)
    15km? We did at least that everyday (and we do know) so you've got a bit more to aim for!

  3. Hi Dave are you really sure you haven't got Darren's new shirt?? He is devastated that it's got lost. With regard to the 15 kilometres per day, very impressed with your efforts, but I prefer my own way of guestimating at the end of the day. That way we always exceed targets.
    Hi Jim sort of pleased we have the visa as now it means we have to go! Slightly worried about it, but only there for two weeks so it should be okay.

    1. I'm sure you'll be fine in Burma. A good friend of mine went there a few years ago and liked it so much he brought a wife back with him!

    2. That sounds interesting. My current wife keeps spending all our money on wine and shoes.