Friday 7 March 2014

Rita's Place

Friday morning.
Spent the night at a very cheap and pleasant guesthouse called Rita's Place.  Just had breakfast on the patio - coffee and chapatis with peanut butter.
The view is sensational, it is described as the eighth wonder of the world on Rita's advertising poster.
I am even changing my mind about the chickens and think they are actually quite cute. I have just watched a mother hen walk past me with her family and into the kitchen. A little girl then chased them and the hen jumped out of the window and all of the screeching chicks shot out of the door and ran after her down the garden.
The children are cute here too. There are loads of them and they run up and down the steps like mountain goats. They also carry big water bottles up and down to their families, and are far quicker than either of us.

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