Wednesday 5 March 2014

Olympic gymnastic hopefuls

After our early start we caught a crowded jeepney and then a minibus to Banaue. We travelled about 60 kilometres along the high mountain roads in just under three hours.
I found our little guesthouse on TripAdvisor, it cost just over £5 for the night, and the owner recommended a walk for this afternoon. He didn't mention that it would be difficult, or dangerous, so off we went.
We walked for 5k, all steadily uphill to a village perched on the side of the mountain and then hired a guide for the rest of our trek.
It was very fortunate that we did as we would never have found the right route ourselves.  The path was often only six inches wide, and even then it occasionally got even narrower, with one bit completely missing where we had to jump.
We were walking along the rice terraces and had an irrigation channel on one side, then either paddy fields or a sheer drop on the other.
To take my mind off the drop, I started to imagine that I was Olga Korbut and tried to dance elegantly and confidently along the concrete path.
It didn't help when we came to a little shrine with flowers and a cross next to a big drop, and our guide told us that a tourist from Manila had fallen off last month and died.
Even Darren found it difficult and we are off out now to try and find a relaxing gin and tonic.
Ps the nice looking older couple were sitting at a viewpoint along the road.

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