Monday 17 March 2014

Dumaguete to Tagbilaran

Dumaguete is a ferry port and quite a major town in this area. It is actually very nice and we met a friendly tricycle driver who took us from a ferry dock a few kilometres away to our central hotel.
I have struggled with the design of the tricycles in other places as the sidecars have been tiny and you had to roll up in to a ball to sit in the seat, you couldn't see a thing and your head banged on the roof at every bump in the road.
The local tricycles are a complete luxury in comparison, and we enjoyed the journey into town. Our hotel was pretty nice as well, with a great view of the traffic from our window (pic 2).
This afternoon we took a stroll along the seafront, then down a sidestreet where all of the stalls were selling the same thing - chopped up fresh fruit and jelly cubes in evaporated milk. They all had enormous tubs of it and it was lovely.
I think it is strange that we have never seen it for sale anywhere else in the Philippines, and it was only sold on this one street in Dumaguete, so why didn't the stallholders spread out a bit?
Later we caught a ferry for three hours from Dumaguete to Tagbilaran, which is a town on the island of Bohol.
We arrived here after dark, so it was not looking at its best - it will be interesting to see if daylight improves it.

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