Thursday 20 March 2014

Seoul - first impressions

Very first impression of Korea - wow it's cold here!
We had an epic overnight journey, from the hot steamy tropics to the almost freezing north.
The temperature change is shown most noticeably with the clothing choices of the locals.  Gone are the flip flops, bare chested men and bright, skimpily dressed ladies - here almost everyone is bundled up in very dark or black clothes, and quite a few look as if they are extras in the Korean equivalent of 'The Godfather'.
We caught a train from the airport to our hotel which is in a great area called Insadong. A half hour walk around the local area was a real surprise, as there is very little traffic, lots of cute shops and restaurants and interesting sights.
I think I am going to like it here, although I could do with some thermal undies, wooly hat, gloves and scarf!
Ps, very fancy toilet in our en-suite that has an extremely hot heated seat that we don't know how to turn off, and a control panel with lots of scary looking buttons on it.

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