Monday 3 March 2014

Baguio City

Spent a day on a bus today from Manila up north to Baguio City.
It is another extremely overcrowded and dirty city, although this one is up among the mountains and quite isolated.
I struggled for photos, but there are very many churches around - most Filipinos are Catholics - so we climbed up dozens of steps to look at this one in the city centre.
There is also Burnham Park, which is a traffic free, peaceful area. We hired a swan pedalo for a quick trip around the lake, but unfortunately, there was a bit of a design flaw with it as it had a really wide fibreglass neck and head, so we couldn't see where we were going.
Surprisingly, the park had a good display of sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses, which we have not seen since leaving England. It shows how much cooler the climate is up here.

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  1. Have you tried any 'halo halo' yet?