Friday 7 March 2014

Road widening

We set off with our guide to walk to the road to get back to Banaue.
Yet again we made our way through the rice terraces and followed a tiny path out of the village. In the first picture our guide is waiting while we climb some steps up the side of a terrace.
He was very friendly and kept holding my hand to help me down the difficult bits. I told him that actually I was fine so he let go and the very next step I nearly fell over! 
After more than two hours of walking we got to the road and our driver was waiting for us, but minus his little three wheeler.
The reason was that workers who were widening the road had dynamited a section of rock about a mile further along and the road was closed, so he had left his tricycle and walked down to meet us.
When we got to the closed section a bulldozer was trying to flatten the rocks and soil as three buses full of school children were waiting to get through. The cliff face looked very unstable and there was huge cracks in the rock, with one particular section looking as if it would collapse at any second.
We walked quickly past it and carried on up the road, stopping briefly to watch workers drilling holes for more dynamite, and then passing a section that was all wired up ready for the button to be pressed.
Once back in our tricycle we had to stop while a bulldozer over loaded a lorry with rubble, even though the back was not closed.
We followed it along the road while bits of soil fell out in front of us, and then when it went around a corner a large rock shot off and hit a motorbike that was parked by the side of the road.
Not many health and safety regulations here.

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