Saturday 15 March 2014

Hotel hornbill

Our hotel has a tame hornbill, called Esmarelda, that lives in a cage near the bar.
Yesterday morning the owner let her out for a run around. I heard a commotion in a tree and she was jumping about in the branches eating the little fruits growing on it.
She then flew off over the swimming pool and perched in some palm trees, then eventually she landed on the ground. She jumped around if she was on a pogo stick and the hotel owner told me that she likes to peck at people's toes.
I have just painted mine bright green (classy!), so I hadn't thought it before, but they look like a little bunch of grapes - ideal for a hungry hornbill.
Not being great with wildlife, I quickly hid my feet behind a tree and watched from a safer distance while she enjoyed herself, without realising what a tasty treat she was missing.

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