Saturday 8 March 2014

Sunrise over the volcano

Sunday morning.
We left the rice terraces on an overnight bus on Friday evening, arriving back in Manila at 4 am.
Caught a taxi to the airport and then had a little nap while we waited for our flight to Legaspi.
It took less than an hour and we checked in to our hotel at about 3pm.
Legaspi is a small town about 500k to the east of Manila, next to a large, and active, volcano.
When we arrived the top was covered in cloud, and we were told that the best time to see it was around sunrise - before the clouds gather.
Here we are then, it is Sunday morning and we are yet again up with the larks, this time to see Mount Mayon.
It is a beautiful cone volcano and the little cloud on the top is actually smoke coming out.
We are lucky today as the view is fantastic, but we have been told that for the last few days the top has not been visible at all due to clouds, and even rain one morning.
It also used to be possible to walk to the top, but the volcano is so active that four tourists were killed by lava last year, so at the moment the paths are closed.

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