Wednesday 19 March 2014

Bohol to Seoul

We are leaving the Philippines today and heading for South Korea.
This is a six stage journey, and the first was to catch a tricycle to the ferry.  Our driver was obviously very proud of his vehicle, and we crammed ourselves in to the sidecar with a view through the widescreen.
Next we got on to a very modern and speedy ferry that took us up the coast and in to Cebu City port.
We then shared a taxi with a lively and chatty Italian girl to the airport.
We are now waiting for our first flight, (to Manila) and we have withdrawn too many pesos, so we are having a civilised glass of wine. The menu says it is French, but there is a touch of a home made taste about it, which is fine by me.
Once we get to Manila we have a 2.45 am flight to Seoul, so we should be arriving at our hotel at about 9am tomorrow morning.

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