Tuesday 18 March 2014

Tarsiers and butterflies

We saw a bit of a wildlife today on Bohol.
Our first stop was the Tarsier Wildlife Sanctuary where we learned that they are the worlds smallest primates and can sit in the palm of your hand.
The wardens have made little hides near to the walkway around the Sanctuary.  Some of the tarsiers sleep there during the day, as they are nocturnal.  Others bend leaves over to make a shady nest and sleep there.
Wardens stand near to the sleepy tarsiers and point them out, otherwise we would never have found them. They were really cute and had enormous eyes that stared at us, but apparently they have very poor eyesight in daylight.
We took a few photos from the pathway, but the wardens were very helpful and jumped over the railing and insisted on taking close up shots. Not what would usually happen in a wildlife sanctuary although the tarsiers didn't seem concerned and the staff just want you to have a good time.
It was the same in the butterfly park where the helpful staff shook the netting to make the butterflies fly, and then caught them by their wings for our photos.

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